Complete school platform

The system allows the school to provide timely, meaningful, and clearly understandable information to students and parents online through secure personal accounts.

Which schools are clients of EducaPanamá?

Improving the quality of education


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Expert Support

Available to help you with any problem you have with eduapge

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Edupage setup

We will be right there to help you set up your edupage account for your school.

Access your school wherever you are.

Add online presence to your school with a website

Don't know how to make your website using edupage? no need to worry we make one that fits your needs.

Some Edupage features

Edupage makes handling students easier

Complete service

A complete school management system for your institution

Mobile App

The mobile App will allow you to access the school's data wherever you are and makes it easier for students to communicate with teachers


Edupage it's integrated with aSc timetables the best timetable creator there is; this will let you make the school schedule available to teachers, students and parents.

Complete website

Edupage will help you make websites that totally meet your institution needs

Interactive Lessons

You can Present your teaching materials on an interactive whiteboard or on a projector. All Students can connect to the presentation through the edupage Mobile app and answer the questions in the presentation.

Attendance tracking

Parents can track their childs Attendance through the mobile app